Pope Francis' Trip to Armenia

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Pope Francis' Trip to Armenia

From June 24-26, Pope Francis made an apostolic visit to Armenia, which in 301 AD became "the first nation to embrace Christ's gospel," thanks to the...

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“Fatigue and tiredness, tears and suffering”

You don't know whether it is physical depression or a sort of interior tiredness that has come over you, or both at the same time. You fight without fighting, without the desire of an authentic positive improvement, to transmit the joy and love of Christ to souls. I wish to remind you of the clear words of the Holy Spirit: only those who fight legitime, genuinely, in spite of everything, will be crowned. (Furrow, 163)

Cheerfulness, and supernatural and human optimism, can go hand in hand with physical tiredness, with sorrow, with tears (because we have a heart), and with difficulties in our interior life or our apostolic work. He who is perfectus Deus, perfectus Homo ‑‑ perfect God and perfect Man ‑‑ and who enjoyed every happiness in Heaven, chose to experience fatigue and tiredness, tears and suffering|... so that we might understand that if we are to be supernatural we must also be very human. (The...

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