"Steel wrapped in velvet"

Miroslav, who lives in Slovakia, is a Cooperator of Opus Dei. He learned about its message via the internet.

Opus Dei - "Steel wrapped in velvet"

Miroslav Mazuch lives in Martin, Slovakia. A judge, he is married and has four children.

For various reasons, I was in need of inner strengthening. While browsing the internet, I happened to visit the Opus Dei website, and it immediately interested me; they talked about something I needed. I contacted them and went to a retreat. It greatly enriched me and made me reflect on the spirit of humility, truthfulness, the effort to pass unnoticed.... On the need to be like steel inside, but on the outside wrapped in velvet. I see the message of St. Josemaría, which is both modern and attractive, as though he had made it for me, for my life in the middle of the world. My cooperation takes the form of helping out in some specific small things, as needed. For example, I help organize each month the day of recollection in Martin. For me this is a great joy.

Pope Francis grants two new plenary indulgences for Cooperators of Opus Dei